Things you should not do to your cat - that might upset him

If you are a cat owner, then you are familiar with the fact that most cats can be very sensitive. They don’t always react well to new things, and they will sometimes lash out in anger if they feel threatened. As a result, it is important to take care when interacting with them or disciplining them for bad behavior.

Cats essentially get upset when their owners do things like making too much noise, leaving the door open, or using any of their toys for another pet. If your cat feels upset by something you did, there is no need to worry- this article has all of the information for cat owners that they must know! and you can be the best pet parent.

There are some points given below you have to care about:

  • Don’t make too much noise. Cats are very sensitive to sound, and even the slightest bit of noise can startle them or make them feel agitated. Try to keep your voice down when you’re in the same room as your cat, and avoid making loud noises like banging pots and pans.  
  • Don’t leave the door open. Cats like their privacy, and they feel more comfortable when they can control who comes in and out of their space. Leaving the door open will make your cat feel vulnerable and exposed, so try to keep it closed as much as possible.
  • Don’t use any of their toys for another pet. If you have other pets in your household, you might want to use some of your cat’s toys for them. However, it is important that you don’t- cats are very possessive over their things and they will get upset if another pet plays with something that belongs to them!
  • If you are not at home then arrange an automatic pet food dispenser. Cat food must be available anytime. Cats tend to like the taste of milk, but you should avoid serving it to them in a saucer. Although your cat may enjoy the milk, it may not be beneficial for them. There are several health issues that can be prevented by adding wet food to your cat’s diet.

Cats Don’t Like When You Jiggle or Wiggle Their Tails

Every cat has a tail, and while some look like they couldn’t care less about their tail (characters like the Sphinx Cat), there are other cats who are very sensitive about their tails being touched. When you jiggle or wiggle your cat’s tail without asking for permission, they feel attacked because their tail is connected to an area full of nerves that can be very painful.

Many people show affection to kitties by grabbing at their tails- this is not something they enjoy! This can not only cause fear but pain, leading to a very grumpy and even aggressive response.

Cats don’t like Citrus Smell

Cats are often sensitive to odors, but there are a few aromas that they despise that may surprise you. Cats despise citrus, and as much as you adore the fragrance of fresh herbs, they despise rosemary and thyme. Banana and mustard are also off-limits, as are lavender and eucalyptus.

Many essential oils are harmful to cats, so it stands to reason that they would instinctively flee when they catch a scent of your bath oils. They are also not fond of strong menthol aromas.

Cats Don’t Like to Take Medicine

If you have a feline fur baby, you know how much cats despise having to take medication. Giving your cat what they need to keep healthy is easier said than done, whether they need to take liquid medicine or medication in the form of a tablet. What it boils down to is that cats don’t understand why, and being compelled to take medication might be frightening to your kitty companion.

To avoid a million scratches, wrap your kitten in a blanket, give them their medicine, and softly but firmly seal their lips, encouraging them to swallow. Even if they despise it, it must be done!

Don’t Give Your Cat Animal Bones

Many owners give their cat other animal bones to chew on or consume, thinking that it is an appropriate reward for your cat. This actually endangers your cat’s health because the marrow inside of these bones can cause intestinal blockages and lead to serious illness.

If you want to offer something fun to your kitty companion, make sure that you keep rawhide chews on hand instead. Your furry friend will love them! also never let your cat play with thread as it can get stuck in the cat’s throat and may cause a serious problem!

Never Leave Sharp Objects Laying Around

Cats are very graceful creatures who like nothing more than getting up high and surveying their territory from above. However, they easily get injured when jumping off high surfaces with sharp objects in tow!

When you have items lying around that are dangerous for cats- such as needles or pins- make sure that they are placed in a safe location, like inside of a container with a lid.

Cats Don’t Like Belly Rub

Cats are generally very accepting of affection, but they don’t like when you rub their belly. It’s not that cats hate having their bellies rubbed- it just makes them feel vulnerable and exposed in a way that is uncomfortable for them. If you want to rub your cat’s belly, make sure that they are in a comfortable position, like on their back.

Also, when cats are in heat or prepping for mating- which is pretty much any time during the year between late winter and early spring- it is important to avoid rubbing their bellies because this makes them feel exposed and alerts male cats to their presence.

Cats Don’t Like to Be Rushed Into Things

When introducing your feline companion to something new or making changes in the household routine, take it slow! Cats are creatures who enjoy taking time to adjust before diving headfirst into anything drastic.

If you want your cat to learn how to play fetch with toys instead of claws attached to furred tails, introduce steps one at a time so he can get used to each thing individually first. This will make the transition much smoother for both parties involved!

Cat Litter Box Must Be Clean

Cats are fastidious about their personal hygiene, so you’ll have to clean the litter box at least once a day. The sooner you scoop it after they use it, the happier your kitty companion will be. If you want them to continue using the litter box for years to come, make sure that you keep it nice and clean.

Giving Your Cat Baths

Cats groom themselves, and they really don’t need baths from their humans. In fact, giving your cat a bath can actually be quite traumatic for them- it’s an invasion of their personal space and can be very frightening. If your cat gets himself dirty, try to use a damp cloth to wipe him down instead of running him through the bathtub.

If your cat absolutely needs a bath, be sure to use a gentle shampoo and make the experience as stress-free as possible for them. Wetting their ears can also be risky, as it can cause infection.

Punishing The Cat While Training

Many new cat owners make the mistake of punishing their feline companions when they are being too rambunctious or mischievous. This is not your cat’s fault- they are just trying to have fun and be affectionate! Longtime dog owners who adopt a cat for the first time and find that their cat is not well-trained might think it’s okay to discipline them.

This can actually be potentially dangerous for your kitty, and you might end up causing serious long-term problems for their mental health. The best way to train a cat is by rewarding desired behavior with treats and positive attention!

You should never leave your cat alone for longer than 24 hours at a time. Many individuals choose to adopt cats over dogs because they believe cats can effectively take care of themselves. Cats, while more independent than dogs in general are not self-sufficient loners.

If you don’t want your cat to scratch the furniture, make sure you teach them which surfaces are okay for clawing and which aren’t, and the best way is to provide your cat scratching post if you want to keep your stuff safe. Cats learn primarily through positive reinforcement- not harsh correction! When training your kitty, remember to be patient and understand your cat’s behavior while also providing gentle guidance when necessary.

Brushing Your Cat

It’s important to help your cat stay clean and free of tangles, but be sure you’re using a gentle approach. Using a brush with stiff bristles will irritate their skin, so opt for something soft instead. You can also use the damp cloth method if your kitty needs some extra grooming assistance before going out into public!

Cats Dislike When You Force Them Into Petting

When looking at pictures or watching videos on television made of cats being petted, it’s easy to think that all cats love it. However, in the wild, cats are often independent and like to be left alone. If you try to pet your cat when he doesn’t want it- or worse yet, if you grab him- they will likely scratch or bite you as a way of defending themselves.  

Let your cat come to you for petting instead of forcing them into it; this way, both of you can enjoy the experience!

Cats Don’t Like too Much Attention

While all cats enjoy human attention, they don’t like when it becomes excessive. If you smother your cat with too much love and attention, they will likely become overwhelmed and start to avoid you. Pay closer attention to your cat’s body language so you can be the greatest pet parent you can be!

This isn’t because they don’t love you, but simply because they need their own space just like anyone else! Respect your cat’s boundaries and give them the freedom to come to you when they’re ready- not before.

If you are unable to arrange for a friend or family to visit your home while you are gone, overnight monitoring or planned playtimes with a qualified pet sitter are frequently available.


Cats are often misunderstood and can even be a little temperamental. So, if you want to keep your cat happy, it’s important that you understand what not to do. The list of things we’ve compiled is far from exhaustive but should give you a good starting point for avoiding missteps with your feline friend.

If none of these sound like something you would do or have done, then congratulations! You’re already on the right track to keeping your kitty purring contentedly at home all day long.

these are some things that cats do not enjoy, but as long as you respect your furry friend’s wishes, he or she will surely return the favor tenfold!  

There are many things that pet parent do unwittingly that upset their cats without realizing it. Hopefully, by knowing what these things are, we can avoid doing them and make our feline friends happier! By being mindful of these few points, you can help keep your feline friend happy and healthy!